Census area maps for effective and accurate geo-marketing analyses

The census areas or administrative units at State, District, Sub-District, Village/Town and wards form the basic grid used for carrying out your geo-marketing analyses.

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This data enables you to map your business (Location based) data, create and optimize your territories. It also enables you to analyze and answer key questions:

  • Where is your customer base located ?
  • How optimal is your presence with respect to your customers ?
  • How is your performance considering proximity to customer base areas Based on demographic and socio-economic profiling of regions ?
  • Which areas would be ideal for business expansion / increased penetration ?

The more detailed the grid and its associated data the more effective and accurate is your geo-marketing analysis.
Available for India with regular updates on divisions and associated data.


Detailed administrative divisions of India

Geoconcept offers a complete and detailed grid of the administrative divisions of India as per census 2011 from state to the village/town unit level and additional ward level units for major cities of India. With about 596047 administrative units and over 99 % of the population mapped at village and town level, this dataset is one of the most comprehensive version of the Indian census 2011 administrative divisions available in the market today.

India administrative boundary (states and districts)

District and sub-district boundary

Ward Boundary

Sub-district, vi,llage and town boundary

Socio-Demographic data

Socio-demographic, amenities and households census data is one of the base datasets used by all companies for conducting market research. The Indian census which is conducted after every decade is the only comprehensive dataset collected on the field. Geoconcept offers the Indian census 2011 socio-demographic data as a standard along with the administrative unit mapping which includes 85 statistical demographic indicators and will also include approximately around 125 amenities, households, and economic statistical indicators.

Population density (2011)

Percentage Literacy (2011)

Percentage of other employed population working for more than 6 month duration (2011)

Percentage of main cultivators (2011)

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Population data for the year 2023 

For more effective and accurate geo-marketing analysis, Geoconcept has done an integration of multi-year census publications at the village and town levels. The integration of this data has been carried out through a multi-step, multi-validation approach to ensure completeness and authenticity. Using this integrated dataset Geoconcept has mapped out trends of temporal changes in census demographics across regions. Geoconcept has computed the annual growth rates of the population and computed the projected population totals for the current year. This will help you analyze your business data with current year statics on demographics.  

The projected demographic indicators are available at village and town, sub-district, district, and State level administrative data. Similarly, Geoconcept also provides projected population data for 2023 at the Pincode boundary level.  

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