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Geoconcept Territory Manager (GTM) is a simple, agile, and intuitive cloud solution that is exclusively designed to boost your revenue potential.


Easy steps to run an optimization

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Select the type of sectorization you would require for your business model

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Drag and drop a file to geocode and visualize your existing customer spread, Map your fields and define the indicator based on which you want to sectorize your area.

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Your right constraints and our robust engine amalgamate automatically creating the sectors in seconds.



Save and share it with your peers in different formats like excel, CSV, and Google Drive.

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GTM - Where SaaS meets PaaS

GTM is a Sectorization as a Service solution ensures fast and effective deployment, flexibility, scalability, and availability with data security built on top of Microsoft  Azure.

GI – Geographically Intelligent Solution

GTM splinters even your complex sales areas into simple, geographically compact territories.



Stop Mind mapping!

Tired of working with data stacked up in different files and formats?

Plot your data on the map to view the spread of your existing territory, the spread of your customers, the location of your sales representatives, etc, which will help you identify gaps and have more insights about your market opportunities, customer-sales representative distribution, unbalanced geographical sectors, nearness to salesperson location, low revenue-generating areas, potential customers/areas.

TRUST-based sales territory

Businesses in India are built on top of TRUST. While automating a sales territory balance is key to maintaining the existing business relationship. GTM enables regional sales managers to identify the pain areas and optimize the sector accordingly.



Balanced Workloads!

  • Do your salespeople work too much or too little?
  • Do your salespeople bump into each other on their way often?

Distribute your workload and potential equally to make sure every salesperson works to their fullest capacity. Providing equal opportunity invariably keeps the sales team motivated. Have organized and defined territories to avoid overlaps and customer crossovers for a better logistic operation.

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