Route Optimization Solution

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                                                                                                                -Mahatma Gandhi

The most important problem seen today in the metro cities are the congestion of traffic, it is mainly because of no proper planning of routes. The Educational sector which provide the transportation for their students are one among the main reason for the occurrence of the traffic congestion.

Colleges seek marketing through their bus as it bears the college name in it which is a new strategy the colleges are into.

It is also a fact that having a good transport system is a great factor to ensure the institutions growth.

When a college bus is seen frequently struck up in the traffic, it might lead a negative impact to the college itself.

To avoid those issues the college should plan accordingly so that the traffic congestion are not caused by them and also their bus are not always struck up in traffic

What solution can Geoconcept India give for colleges to solve this issue???

“Route optimization solution” is the service which we offer to avoid this issue.

Route Optimization Solution can do miracles in solving transportation related problems

The solutions we could provide includes


Which in tend doesn’t make students to spend much time in bus


This helps the institution to connect the routes perfectly without any drag or overlap of the routes and also the count of buses can be organized accordingly.


This helps in calculating the travel time of a bus in routes based upon the peak hour traffic so that the timing of the bus could be calculated accordingly.

As said above why to wait for the change be the change you wanted to be and succeed in it.

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