The most comprehensive and user-friendly geomarketing solution

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing tools add the “Geo” to Business Intelligence. It helps to consolidate and analyze all the data from across a company’s data silos to gain deeper insights into how different business processes affect each other and to develop efficient sales and marketing strategies.

Optimised distribution networks

New site, geo-merchandising,
optimal coverage

An excellent customer relationship

Targeted communication, relevant and profitable marketing actions

Balanced sales territories

Effective organization, team responsiveness, cost optimization

An efficient and profitable strategy

Management, geographical dashboards,  ongoing and controlled dissemination


Create balanced sales territories

Our sales and marketing applications allow you to map your existing sales territories and analyze the efficiency of your territory planning. It helps you to optimize and automate your sales territory creation process thereby driving a significant reduction in manual efforts.


Identify and analyze your catchment area

Use our arsenal of tools like drive time coverage, drive distance coverage, customer targeting to identify and mark your sales catchment area. These analytical tools also help you define your catchment zones and identify venues for concentrated and localized marketing activities.

Optimize your distribution network

Map and visualize your distribution network. Use tools like proximity analysis, distance calculators and weighted geographic positioning to optimize your network, bringing about significant visible reductions in your OPEX.

Identify business expansion opportunities

Geoconcept’s sales and marketing platform allows you to evaluate your geographic presence in a region with respect to that of your competition and underlying demography to identify gap areas with a high potential customer base for business expansion strategy.

Analyze sales by geography

Geoconcepts advanced visualization tools allow the user to analyze sales across a geographical region using map visualizations. Carry out various types of sales analysis and compute your sales KPI’s to identify trends or patterns in sales based on geographical locations, understand how each of your products is performing across different geographies. Identify and analyze high-performance regions to replicate conditions ensuring an increase in overall revenues



Automate your analytical reports

Tired of creating reports manually by pulling information from different data silos? Geoconcepts reporting module automates the process for you, allowing you to generate all your reports at a click of a button. The module allows you to automatically pull in information, and display statistical information like maps, tables, graphs and images across geographical regions

Geomarketing solutions to optimise the market coverage of companies

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