The essential data for any geo-marketing analysis

GEOCONCEPT offers an exhaustive catalogue of highly accurate map data on the whole of India.
To achieve this, GEOCONCEPT partners with the world’s biggest publishers (HERE Maps) to offer consistent and comprehensive coverage particularly well-suited to geomarketing, geolocation applications HERE is a world leader in navigation, mapping and location data. A special partner of HERE for many years, GEOCONCEPT offers a comprehensive range of data in addition to its own software solutions.

The standard data offering

The offering comprises the main and secondary road network, railways, oceans and islands, navigable waterways, land use areas as well as street-level detail and points of interest.

The available points of interest include over 92 different categories eg:
Point of sales (grocery/provision stores, speciality stores, departmental stores, convenience stores, automobile/vehicle dealers, pharmacies , opticians and many more) airports, hotels, service stations, railway stations, sports facilities, restaurants, vineyards, museums, hospitals, cinemas, bus stations, underground stations, hotels, town hall… etc

The HERE data are captured on the roads by geographers who monitor thoroughfare configurations, but all the details as well. Almost 406 references (addresses, signage, and prohibitions) are registered using cutting-edge hardware and exclusive data capture technology.
Continuously updated, HERE data are the most accurate and up-to-date on the market.

Detailed road navigation attributes

Road graph

The road graph supplied with the maps is based on the road network and associated traffic speeds.It provides access to the Geoconcept GIS calculation features enabling you to compute Trade Zones/catchment areas, calculate distance table, conduct proximity search to identify points of interest or evaluate competitor presence, perform route calculations and much more

Traffic patterns

HERE Traffic PatternsTM is a traffic database modeled by day of week and in 15 minute slices.Available for the whole of the European network and a large number of international countries, based on GEOCONCEPT solutions, what these data enable in particular are analyses (isochrone area calculation) by hour and day of the week.


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