About Cose

Founded in 1993 by a team of researchers at INRIA with multiple skills, COSE is a technology company specializing in aerial imagery that counts today around 20 associates. The company has developed GlobalScanner, a mobile imaging system articulated around a digital aerial camera and which includes mission calculators mainly to effectively prepare the missions of its clients.

Focus on... Optronics

The main activity of COSE is optronics. It refers to the concepts and the equipment related to both optical and to the electronic, used, for example, in the military. Optronics is relatively a young science but which is still an important component of systems of Defense and Security.

Fully self-contained, ultra-sensitive and offering an optimal spatial resolution, GlobalScanner is marketed to French and foreign government services, to groups of Defense as well as SMEs, who use it in the context of network monitoring and the study of territories. To offer to its clients an efficiency that meets their expectations, COSE must integrate a complete mapping solution to its system, with the most accurate location information and with being interoperable with the existing equipment used by the company.

The challenge

In order to provide its clients with an efficiency that meets their requirements, Cose must be able to integrate a complete mapping solution into its system, having the most accurate geographical information possible and being otherwise interoperable with the equipment already used by the company.
GEOCONCEPT develops geographic information systems for military professionals and offers software solutions dedicated to Defense that enable the processing, visualization and communication of applications in an operational manner. These tools are directly usable in an office or on-board environment.

The main function of Globalscanner is to scan a specific geographical area. It is therefore essential to be able to determine this area in advance. Cose needs to integrate a turnkey GIS solution into its own system.
Cose was looking for a tool to locate and target areas to be studied using comprehensive mapping tools for Defense activities.

The solution brought by GEOCONCEPT

At this time, COSE and GEOCONCEPT have a common reference, the STAT (Technical Section of the Army) and it is on the basis of the positive feedback from this entity that the company naturally approaches GEOCONCEPT.
The partnership between COSE and GEOCONCEPT therefore becomes obvious because it allows COSE to enjoy all the parameters established by STAT, and to capitalize on proven expertise in the military field. Geoconcept GIS and its development kit are hence well established in the system of COSE, which has, as to it, developed the business application required for its system. The two actors are working today for the continuous improvement of the device to remain at the forefront of the technology.

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Benefits and opportunities

This partnership has enabled COSE to operate a complete, reliable and interoperable software solution with its existing tools. Without GEOCONCEPT, this application would have been heavy to implement in-house. Hence, COSE is able to offer to its clients a scalable GIS solution within GlobalScanner, a genuine system of capitalization and of analysis enabling it to offer high performance to its clients for the implementation of thematic mapping, digital mapping, detection of resources or network management.

Example of application:

From the base map loaded in the Geoconcept software, the client defines the objectives to map, at least to acquire via the sensor(s) GlobalScan of the company COSE. From the objectives entered by the client, the application COSE inserts a trajectory calculation in the Geoconcept map which will follow the aircraft to perform its mission. A summary of this map is sent, in real-time, to the controlling software of the sensors of the COSE company to uniquely program the acquisition of the objectives.

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