About Hormann

Established in 1935, Hormann Group is specialized in the manufacturing of doors, gates, frames and operators for private and commercial properties. Through decades of continuous growth, Hormann has made itself Europe’s leading provider of such products. Meanwhile, over 80 individual sales locations were built in more than 30 countries as well as hundreds of authorized dealers were placed in about 35 additional countries.

Key figures

  • Established in 1935;
  • entered the Chinese market in 1998;
  • 26 specialized factories in Europe, North America and Asia;
  • sales network all over the world;
  • more than 6,000 employees;
  • the biggest door manufacturer in Europe.

The challenge

Develop the retail outlet and reseller network in China

Hormann entered the China market , finding its way in countless Chinese-based projects of any kind. With more than 15 years of Chinese market experience, the company opened its first China subsidiary in 2013 and rapidly expanded its assets to 14 subsidiaries, 2 factories, and 30 resellers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
Offering high quality products and services, Hormann becomes the #1 brand for door products in China. Its development strategy is based on localism and national presence throughout China. With limited presence of its sales network grid, Hormann strives to reach the most potential customers and achieve the greatest geographical coverage.

The solution brought by GEOCONCEPT

Geomarketing for an efficient implementation strategy

To refine its development strategy, Hormann chooses Geoconcept Sales & Marketing, coupled with Report for Geoconcept, a report design and generation module.
Geoconcept also provides Hormann abundant data including social demographic and geographical data. Geomarketing geographical analysis tools helps Hormann to calculate isochrones and catchment areas in order to define its customer areas and display its sales network’s geographical coverage.

Discover Geoconcept Sales & Marketing

"Ensuring a comprehensive service and professional consultancy every day to our customer is extremely crucial, the solution enables a better understanding of our territorial areas development and our real sales potential. The goal is to ensure short distances for our customers all over China; creating and displaying isochrone areas enables us to identify the customer coverage of each sales site as well as to display not covered areas”.

Sascha Wechesser, After Sales Service & Installation Manager at Hormann
Analyzing the potential of the sales network

Thanks to the Geoconcept system, Hormann is capable to adjust its development strategy quickly according to the analysis from Geoconcept Sales & Marketing.
Identifying the sales network’s coverage is a first step. Hormann is also looking for priority prospecting areas, especially in the not covered areas. By putting all the data on the map locate resellers, existing customers, potential customers and locations, Geoconcept Sales & Marketing brings together under the same interface all the necessary components for managing and analyzing geographical and marketing information. Hormann can now visualize on a map the technicians with high potential, enabling them to conduct further prospecting activities.

Since starting to use Geoconcept Sales & Marketing, Hormann has significantly improved its sales networks potential to provide much better customer service, and to exploit much broader potential market.

White paper: Commercial and logistical territory management

Definitions, methodology, analysis… This white paper aims to give you the keys to understand territory management principles and main interest for sales activities.

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