The on-premise web solution for scheduling the activities of your field force recognized by Gartner!

Opti-Time is an ideal activity/task scheduler for the industries which has a massive number of the skilled workforce on the ground such as Telecom, Retail, FMCG, Automobile, Health and Electronics

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Install and configure the application


Use the data templates and upload your business data


Run real-time OR batch optimization to schedule the activity


Push and share the results to any device


Deploy the right skill

For a smooth customer relationship, industries would want to deploy the right skills in the right place. Opti-Time scheduler eases the business by picking the right field force for the right appointment flawlessly thereby reducing the number of excuses per customer.

Recursive is not repetitive

There are more than 15 million Kirana stores in India. It would be highly tedious for the Retail and FMCG companies to plan a visit to these stores every week manually. Opti-Time frequency scheduler automates the workflow based on your frequency constraint and places the recursive visit automatically.

An unbreakable chain

A set of business logic is always applied behind any route scheduling. This logical chain has to be maintained end to end to have a seamless operation (For e.g., Inspection has to carried out before installation). Opti-Time chain constraint allows businesses to define their chain workflow and plan the appointments in such a way that the rule is never broken.

On the fly OR Off the shelf

Opti-Time robust dispatching engine allows the planners to assign the appointments to their field force on the fly using the real-time optimization engine. It also pushes the off the shelf appointments stored in the database in bulk to plan it at one shot.

An unbiased dispersal

Businesses always want to schedule the visit using dispatching algorithms to increase productivity but do your productivity considers the load taken by each field force? Opti-Time strategic planning module allows the administrators to review the load of each mobile force and plan visits not only to increase productivity but also to equalize the load between different resources.

When your field force is on field

Opti-Time Mobile in Android and iOS platforms is an integrated application with its server component that provides seamless information from the field to the back office making the whole process eco-friendly and digital.


Real-Time Tracking

Opti-Time communicates in real-time with geolocation systems: Orange, TomTom, Masternaut, Ocean…

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