A critical location information for any geo-marketing analysis

For any geomarketing or business intelligence analysis to be carried out the most important factor is being able to place or identify geographically your customers and your sales network. With the relative addressing system in India this becomes one of the major roadblocks for any analysis. The pincode data provides a concrete basis for placing your customers and sales network points on the map. GEOCONCEPT offers accurate pincode data as part of its geomarketing data package.

Pincode Boundaries data


The Standard data offering for Pincode boundary for India includes information on the 6-digit pincodes the state names and state codes of each of the pincode regions.




Pincode Boundaries data with village and Town Points

Geoconcept also offers the Pincode Boundary data along with accurate village and town point locations linked to the year 2011 primary census abstracts

This allows you to create accurate territory based on pincodes and identify villages/towns/ wards that fall within pincode regions


Pincode Boundary data associated to Population totals

Population totals of villages and Town points can be aggregated for each Pincode Boundary.  This enables you to understand the demographics of the Pincode.

This demographic information along with additional location information of POI categories within the Pincode help create a geographic profile for your territory that can be associated with low or high sales performance in the region.

This would also help you identify similar areas that you can target for strategic business expansion.





State Wise Pincode Boundaries Map for Location Analysis

The current coverage for the data includes all the states and union territories of India. This data is updated every year. 

Click here to access the detailed Image of the list of State-Wise Pincode Boundaries available.



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