TourSolver is a user-friendly route optimization SaaS solution for your Last Mile Delivery business

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TourSolver a route optimization SaaS solution designed for the global market but apt for the dynamic Indian market.

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Easy steps to run an optimization

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Optimization configuration

Set up your country, type of vehicle and speed profile in MyActivity tab.

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Resource configuration

Set up your mobile resource, their capacity, working hours and similarly 60+ other business constraints in MyDeliverers tab.

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Customer configuration

Upload your customer data, their quantity, working hours and similarly 50+ other business constraints in MyDeliveries tab.

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Geocode & run optimization

Use the address to geocode OR latitude, longitude to locate the customer in the map and run the optimization to get the results in < 5 mins.

Get your logistics pain relieved using TourSolver

All the benefits of a cloud solution

  • Zero Man-days of Installation/Reinstallation effort
  • Zero Rupees for the Hardware and its maintenance 
  • Zero Sq Ft Space required
  • One Internet browser
You get a global route optimization software that is hosted at Microsoft Azure.

The unforeseen can also be planned for

As India is a peninsular country unforeseen incident like floods, a cyclone hit every now and then. Planning a route manually considering these tough road conditions is a hassle. Toursolver eases the user with Forbid areas functions to re-route your resources during natural disasters.


The Indian multi-culture adapted

India is a country with a multicultural nature. Be it narrow roads of old Delhi
OR congested Bengaluru traffic OR the hilly roads of Kerala TourSolver can
be adapted for the different speed patterns of different cities which brings
the solution an all-inclusive nature.

Though automatic human intelligence is not neglected

Practical knowledge based on experience is invaluable, Toursolver in spite of being an automated solution makes provisions for the user to effect manual changes in the route plan thereby adding a critical component of human intelligence to the optimized plan.

Optimal scheduling of your routes.

A solution tailored for digital India

TourSolver mobile application in Android and iOS allows the mobile resource to be fully productive on-field thereby making the whole process (digital signature, photo upload) eco-friendly. TourSolver is tried and tested on the field by more than 100,000 mobile resources around the globe.

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 Planner/Admin never gets lost 

For making rapid decisions on the fly the planner requires the necessary data from the field handy. TourSolver fulfillment module helps the planners to get the up-to-date information from the field making the solution more real-time and dynamic.

TourSolver Mobile App

Optimal scheduling of your routes.

Guaranteed ROI

ROI is a KPI of any SaaS solution. TourSolver evaluation mode will allow the user to feed the information of the current manual planning and compare it with the optimized one so the return on investment is immediate and packaged with the solution.

 API enabled

Sick of Alt-Tabbing around multiple applications? TourSovler API enables you to integrate 100% of TourSolver functionalities within your existing CRM/ERP application. 

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TourSolver Mobile App

For Detailed Information about TourSolver

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