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  • TourSolver

    From ₹ 33
    per month / vehicle

    Free trial

    • What you need to define optimal route plans
    •  Import visits
      by drag and drop
    •  Route optimization
    •  Savings simulator
    •  Saving routes and tracking their completion
    •  Mobile application
    •  API
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  • TourSolver Premium

    From₹ 33
    per month / vehicle

    Free trial

    • The expert solution for optimization at every level
    • TourSolver features +
    •  Integrated customer reference table
    •  Geographical territory management
    •  Taking account of traffic
    •  Area avoidance
    •  Fleet tracking
    •  Notifications by e-mail and SMS
    •  Sending personalized satisfaction surveys
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  • TourSolver API

    From ₹ 13
    per month / vehicle

    Free trial

    • Route optimization integrated in your solution
    •  Route optimization
    •  Management of more than 100 constraints
    •  Saving route plans
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All TourSolver versions feature a digital adoption platform.

This step-by-step help function guides the user’s discovery and use of TourSolver. In addition to this quick and intuitive familiarization, our teams are at your disposal to offer you personalized support and help you configure the tool.

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TourSolver Premium

TourSolver API

Simulation and anticipation of seasonality  
Study different scenarios by comparing route plans or simulating peaks and troughs in activity.
Route optimization  
Generate route plans that match your strategy, taking account of more than 100 business constraints: cost reduction, reducing CO2 emissions, balancing resources...
Taking account of road traffic  
Generate route plans that take into account the average speeds actually observed on each road.
Taking account the road traffic per time slot  
Generate route plans that take into account, by time slot, the average speeds actually observed on each road. Because it is slower to drive between 8 and 9 am in the city than during off-peak hours!
Geographical territory management  
Organize your geographical sectors based on delivery, sales, and call volumes.
Configuring vehicle profiles in the fleet  
Configure and customize the profiles of the vehicles in your fleet from within the application, with a particular focus on width and height.
Bypassing impassible transit zones  
Customize the interface to define prohibited transit zones, such as markets, public works... to optimize realistic route plans.
Reducing the distance to be travelled  
Use high-performance servers to reduce travel distances by up to an additional 10%.

Use of the mobile application
(diary, report, photo, scan, signature…)  
Digitize and share route plans with your resources using the free TourSolver Mobile application (compatible with iOS and Android): diary, visit record, completion status, photo, signature, report…
Real-time tracking of route completion  
Real-time viewing on dashboards or maps of the changing status of the visits completed by your resources.
Geolocation and fleet tracking  
Follow the movements of your vehicle fleet on a map in real-time and quickly assess the variance between actual and planned routes for the quickest possible response.
TomTom WEBFLEET connector  
Send your routes to your vehicles’ TomTom devices.
Client communication

Notifications by email and SMS*
(exact visit timeslot, Estimated Time of Arrival…)  
Create and manage personalized webpages (with your logo for example) for communicating with the customer during critical call or delivery phases. This information is then sent to the customer in the form of e-mail and/or SMS notifications. * the cost of sending the SMS is not included in the TourSolver subscription.
Satisfaction survey  
After the visit, send your customers a satisfaction survey, personalizing the questions and formatting. The responses are saved in the application.

Interface personalization  
Personalize 30 or so terms with your own vocabulary in the TourSolver interface to align it with your activity.
Integrated customer reference table  
Manage a customer database containing up to 100,000 contacts directly in the application. The visit-related information (time of visit, photo, signature…) and the responses to the satisfaction questionnaires are automatically saved there.
Integration of TourSolver features with the Microsoft 365 suite  
Combine TourSolver and Microsoft 365 for importing your Outlook contacts into TourSolver and exporting your optimized appointments to your Microsoft calendar.
available as an option ₹4 / month / vehicle    

Administration of user rights   
Give your colleagues access rights to TourSolver so they can connect to it and work with the application.

Integration of TourSolver features via API  
Use the API to send data to TourSolver, request and track the progress of a route optimization exercise and retrieve the results.
Optimization results reporting interface  
Choose the reporting mode that is best for you: integrate the results into your application using an iFrame or allow your users to connect to the TourSolver results interface.
Export the mobile application results via API  
Exploit the field data in your application to track activity in real time.

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From ₹ 25 / month
per vehicle

Free trial

From ₹ 33 / month
per vehicle

Free trial

From ₹ 13 / month
per vehicle

Free trial

These prices are provided for information purposes only and are not contractual, applicable for a 12 month agreement.

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