Collaborative geomarketing Web portal

Catchment area, new site, targeting, districting, geographic report generation: the most advanced geomarketing features are in this web collaborative solution to create and share data and analysis.

Consulting data

Data structuration, configurable dissemination rules


Creation of analysis

New site simulation, targeting area, districting project...


Dissemination of reports

Report templates, automatic generation or on-demand


Quick start

User-friendly interface, intuitive icons, no training required

Disseminating the geographical knowledge

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal limits the access to some data, features and study area according to the user profile. The right information is communicated to the right person!

Conducting geomarketing studies

The users are guided when conducting studies: analysing territory potential, simulating a new site, identifying priority areas for a marketing campaign, analysing a redistricting...

Structuring data

Thanks to the solution, the geomarketing expert structures the corporate geographic knowledge. He organises the data and defines the analysis, indicators and reports to be shared.

An on-demand solution

Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal is a scalable solution. The standard features of analyse and report are completed with business modules dedicated to new site, targeting and districting.

A secured and private cloud portal

Accessible from any browser,   Geoconcept Sales & Marketing Portal offers a high level of data security and access (integrated authentication system).